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Lecture delivered by Dr V.S. Acharya, Home Minister (Karnataka) on 23 Sept at the launch of SARANG 107.8MHz, Mangalore. (Draft)
Ever since the Govt, headed by Sri BS Yadyurappa occupied the office in Karnataka it is working for the Long Term Development of the state and to implement the people oriented Programmes. With a view to achieve these goals we have taken the valuable services of the experts of various fields who have great vision, to prepare the vision document. The vision of our beloved former President Dr Abdul Kalamjee is a source of inspiration to our Govt, in drafting the vision document-2020.
The purpose of this document is mainly to achieve all round development of the state and to bring our state to the forefront of developed states of the Nation.
We have classified the development programmes under two major heads.

1. social infrastructure (Under social infrastructure our priority is for education, health, sanitation, development of SC/ST, backward classes and minorities)
2. Economic infrastructure.

After considerable progress in primary and secondary education in rural areas, we have to consider the higher education to the rural students on priority. We have taken a bold step to establish 23 new Polytechnics, in the state which would enable our rural youth to secure employment or to engage in self employment. As a part of this programme our Govt has decided to establish a Horticulture University at Bagalkot, an Agriculture University at Raichur and Law University at Dharwad, Animal Husbandary and Fisheries Colleges have been strengthened.
You may be aware that we could establish six medical colleges in Govt sector within a short period of two years which is an all time record. Every year six hundred more students belonging to all groups are getting admission on the lone consideration of merit in their respective groups of reservation. I am happy and proud to inform you that this achievement was possible during my tenure as the Minister for Medical Education.
Coming to our programmes and plans in the districts of D.K and Udupi, I would like to place it on record that these two districts are in the forefront of all development activities in general and in education and health care in particular. We have to work hard not only to retain our position in the state but also to achieve the first place in the country.
Public private participation is our basic policy for development which is being practiced in these districts. Our Govt is committed to encourage the private sector participation in education, heath, industry and other development activities.
AGRICULTURE: During 1950`s D.K district had a unique position in paddy cultivation. We were one among the first 50 districts in the country which were growing the highest paddy. Contrary to that status, now we are not in the list of prominent paddy growing districts. This is due to the fact that traditional agriculture in our districts are not economically profitable. Our farmers have experimented many change of groups like aracanut, coconut, cashew, pepper, vanilla etc and could not get adequate return. We have to declare these districts as horticulture districts and provide sufficient financial backing with cheaper rate of interest and subsidy. Fruit processing industries are to encourage to achieve viability. Our Govt would examine these proposals and initiate necessary actions.
Our achievement in the field of milk and diary production is very encouraging in the past 40 years. Our total milk production at present is 3 lakh letters per day. We will further strengthen the animal husbandry so that our agriculturists may find an alternative source of regular income.
The tourism potentiality of the coastal areas is not exploited well. There is a good scope to develop tourism by attracting huge domestic as well international tourists we are proposing o provide good facilities like hotels resorts, etc to the tourists by encouraging the private entrepreneur.
Providing drinking water to all the villages has still remained a challenge. Our Govt attaches all importance to the Programmes of drinking water supply to both rural and urban areas.
Fisheries has to be encouraged and sufficient backup to be given. Our Govt has given good support to this activities in the form of subsidy, supply of diesel at the subsidized price, encouragement to the ice industry, formation of fisheries, ports etc. This field is providing employment to lakhs of rural people and we have to further exploit the employment potentiality of this activity.
In the coming days, we have to encourage the automobile, readymade garment, printing, electronics and other small scale industries to create mass employment. Shore based and gas based industries are to be encouraged.
The skills of rural artisans and mechanics have to be recognized by certification is skills which would provide them more employment opportunities and enhance their status.
Whenever we speak about the development of these two districts we remember the name of the Late Srinivasa Mallya, who was responsible for the constructuion of NH 17. However, we were not able to timely strengthen and expand NH 17 and 48. this is high time for the state and the central Govt top take up these projects on top priority. I, on behalf of the state Govt would assure the Govt of India to fulfill all the statutory obligations in this regard, and call upon the Govt of India to speed up the work.
The railway has only a token presence in these two districts and Govt of India has to take initiative to expand the Railway line and to provide Train services. We will take action to provide good Roads to the Railway stations and upgrade these stations. Good Roads will be provided top the International Airport at Mangalore. An Airport is also proposed for Udupi.
Housing activities and industries are facing ,many problems on account of various Land related regulations like land Reforms Act, Land Revenue Act etc. we arre proposing to simplify the conversion of Agricultural Land to non-Agricultural use, Zonal restrictions etc.
We had around 18 custom bound ports which are reduced to two at present, one at Mangalore and the other at Malpe. We have to develop commercial and fisheries ports to boost the economic activities. (Courtesy: Richard Rego`s Blog- ) /Photo: Mangalorean

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Puneeth said...

Dear Dr Acharya,
i would like "ALL THE BEST" for the third MANTHANA to be held in Suttur MATT,Mysore,This is a very menaingful exercise since its held in a MUTT rather than a resort or any luxury hotels,i hope this would further help to enhance governance in the state of karnataka.
i hope the ideas which were suggested in MANTHANA1 and MANTHANA2 are implemented.