Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Law & Order

Maintenance of law and order is a serious business...Measures for the same are discussed within the four walls, rather than in the media.
Of late it has been a fashion use the media to communicate with each other rather than direct communication!
Governor H R Bhardwaj had made a statement in the media, on poor law and order situation in the State, recently. This has led to a response from the Minister for Law and Parliamentary Affairs and Urban Development S Suresh Kumar...excerpts:
= The Governor is clearly aware that Home Minister V S Acharya keeping apprising of the latest happenings almost a week on week basis. If they were any such serious complaints, His Excellency could have sought a clarification from the Government, may be from our Home Minister, who is in constant touch with our highness"
="it is hurting to mention that your public utterance about the law and order situation in the State – which is otherwise incident free, has baffled us. Every one knows, but for the few mischief mongers that there has been no major law and order situation which warrants for the comments you (Governor) have made."
=I request you to inform to the government before making it public. "We are ready to respond to any such suggestions from you (Governor)."

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