Sunday, September 6, 2009

TAPMI: Serving the Bottom of the Pyramid Customers

Inaugural function of Conference on Serving the Bottom of the Pyramid Customers in TAPMI held on Sept 05, 2009

Photos: Janardan Kodavoor
Look at BOP as business partners: Acharya
MANIPAL: The need of the hour is to look at the bottom of pyramid (BOP) population as business partners and innovators, rather than just as
potential producers or consumers. This would enable companies to develop business partnerships with income-poor communities, and also result in the co-creation of businesses and markets that mutually benefits companies and communities. This market-based approach focuses on poverty alleviation and is therefore an integral part of sustainable development, said home minister V S Acharya here on Saturday. Acharya was delivering his inaugural address of the two-day international conference on Serving the Bottom of Pyramid Customers, organized by T A Pai Management Institute. Acharya added, serving the BOP customer is relevant, not only to the industry, but also to all stakeholders in society. Acharya also inaugurated the T A Pai Centre for inclusive growth at the same venue and lauded TAPMI for its endeavour in preserving founder T A Pai's values and commitment to rural development and also for adopting Badagubettu village. (TOI)
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