Wednesday, August 12, 2009

H1 N1 : Unanswered Questions

In a letter to the British Medical Journal, Prof B M Hegde, has raised some valid questions on the irrational use of medicines of doubtful value...excerpts...
*Why was the WHO in such a great hurry to raise this to pandemic level?
*Multiple drug resistant tuberculosis has been spreading to allcountries like wild fire; could kill millions if left uncheckedreminding us of the great white death epidemic. Why is that not a pandemic?
*Where is the controlled study to show the effect of Tamiflu against the new Swine Flu virus, in our evidence based medical system?
*Has the new vaccine been tested against the virus in a large study?How are we certain that it will be effective? Is this vaccine safe togive to all age groups, especially when we are ignorant of its truevalidity? Primum Non Nocere.
*What happened to the millions of dollars worth of Tamiflu stockpiledfor the imaginary pandemic of bird flu? The manufacturers must havehad the last laugh last time.
*Will the linear projection of large deaths due to the imaginary dread of the new virus materialise? Do the non-linear universe and the humanbody follow the linear laws?
*If this whole fear mongering fails to materialise who do we hold accountable at the end of the day?
*Do we not know that fear, especially of millions in the world, might weaken their immune system?
*Does the host resistance play any role in the final outcome of the fight between the virus and man? If so, why are we not doing something to build good resistance against the virus?
*Why do we not accept similar untested, but inexpensive, remedies available in many other systems like the Chinese, Indian Ayurvedic and homeopathic systems? Russian scientists have demonstrated viral (andother germs) destruction using particular frequency of subtle energy non- invasively! Our positive sciences understand only 5% of the total energy in this universe while the large 95% needs to be explored for common good. Why are all those efforts classified as pseudo science?What is the definition of science, anyway? To me the present scenario looks like science is what accepted scientists think it is! Wetenschapis wat wetenschappers doen! All these, and many more questions, beg more questions but answers!
Let not our untested expensive interventions be worse than the patient's disease. Educational system was changed by the Romans from educere of Socrates to educare of today, where the authority prescribes what the students should learn from outside! That is the bane of medical, nay, all sciences. Let us go back to educere fromeducare.
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Unreliable swine flu test leaves doubt
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