Friday, August 14, 2009

Greetings! ಶುಭಾಶಯಗಳು!


Vivek V Kamath said...

This is regarding BMTC fares.

I have been repeatedly blogging this matter here in vain so far..

I travel from Majestic to Domlur
routinely on 333 and 335 buses.

Morning 7-8am office time there are lot of VOLVO buses on Majestic-Domlur-Marathalli-Whitefield buses.

What is the logic in plying 3 VOLVO buses one behind the other when hardly there are 1 bus capacity commuters?
Is it not stupidity?
On the other hand there will be 2 bus capacity commuters waiting for ordinary buses for 15-20mins in the morning that too in the largest bus terminus majestic!

All IT professionals are not so rich that we can afford to have a luxury VOLVO travel.

How can the VOLVO bus service become profitable(both for commuters and Govt.) if this is the attitude?

I find that there is a indifferent attitude from transport dept. even after repeated pleas.

Suggestions once again..

Either reduce volvo fares/passes or allow ordinary passes before 10am.

There is no point in running volvo empty...reduce volvo pass to 35 so that it becomes affordable travel.

Else increase the frequency of ordinary buses and cut down volvo bus service.

Blog Ed said...

Your letter has been forwarded, will keep you informed about the followup!