Thursday, August 27, 2009

ಅದಮಾರು ಮಠ ವಿಬುದೇಶ ತೀರ್ಥ : 80 ರ ನಮನ...

Photos by Janardan Kodavoor
State higher education minister Mr. Arvind Limbavali has stated that nothing will stop establishment of Sanskrit University in Karnataka, "It is healthy to discuss on the matter but cannot stop it, whatever tactics that the leftists will do to stop will not help, the university will be establishment with a constitutional promulgation" he added. He was speaking as a chief guest at the felicitation ceremony of founder of Poornaprajna group of institutions and swamiji of Admar Math HH Vibudesha Thirtha at Udupi on Tuesday. The swamiji turned 80 years. Mr. Limbavali said the opposition leader S. Siddaramaiah had said the issue on Sanskrit university should be discussed on the floor of the assembly, but he had not raised the issue so far. We at the BJP legislative party were ready for discussing on the issue any time convenient to Mr. Siddaramaiah or any other opposition. "Leftists need not tell us what to do" he added.

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