Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Karnataka to set up Security Commission

  • The Union Government should take effective steps to stop infiltration of terrorists from across the western and eastern borders of our country. All foreigners overstaying and fomenting communal trouble should be identified and deported.
  • The Ministries of External Affairs and Home Affairs together should bring in stringent VISA norms on the lines of U.S.A. and European Countries for citizens of certain nations harboring terrorists.
  • A national citizens registry should be created at the earliest. Government of India should provide the template for all states to enable uniformity. Karnataka offers to become the pilot state for issue of multi-purpose national identity card for the purpose.
  • The Government of India should initiate immediate action to trace the sources of foreign funding for the terrorist organizations which are operating in the country and curb their further funding.
  • The Union Government should come out with a Central Legislation to handle terrorist activities, similar to PoTA, 2000. The new Act should also facilitate action to curb high-tech crimes associated with terrorist activities. It is heartening to note that the Administrative Reforms Commission, appointed by the Union Government under the Chairmanship of Senior Congress leader and former Karnataka Chief Minister, M Veerappa Moily, has strongly supported the need for a stringent anti-terrorist law.
  • The Government of India also needs to consider bringing a Central Legislation to prevent forcible and induced religious conversions.
  • The Union Government should, as soon as possible, introduce a federal law and set up a separate federal agency to deal with terrorist acts and organized crime and cyber crimes.
  • The NDA Government had set up a committee under the chairmanship of Justice V.S.Malimath, former Chief Justice of the Karnataka High Court, for overhauling the Criminal Justice System in India. Its recommendations should be implemented expeditiously.
  • There should be effective and productive coordination between the Central Intelligence Agencies and the State Intelligence Agencies. The Central Intelligence Agencies should share relevant information on a continuous basis with the States.
  • The Ministry of Home Affairs should maintain a cordial relationship with the States based on equality and functionality, instead of treating them as subordinate offices meant for receiving letters and instructions from the Centre.
  • The Central Government should help the States in building the capacity of State Police in handling terrorist activities through intensive special training programmes at national and international Institutions.

Steps for promoting national integration and communal harmony:

  1. Reaching out to all sections of the people irrespective of caste or creed or community in our weekly Janaspandana meetings at Hobli (below taluk) level, to receive and resolve complaints.
  2. Ensuring that the Peace Committees hold regular consultations with the leaders of different communities and organizations.
  3. Instituting a judicial inquiry to probe into the recent attacks on some churches.
  4. Arrest of all suspected miscreants in these incidents irrespective of caste, creed and community.
  5. Organizing a series of meetings with Christian community leaders and priests.

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