Friday, July 11, 2008

POWER CRISIS: ವಿದ್ಯುತ್ ಕೊರತೆ

Power crisis looms large over State
The State is presently facing a deficit of 700 mega watt of power per day. Going by water level in major power generating reservoirs, the situation is likely to turn from bad to worse in coming days. Major parts of the State have not received the south-west monsoon rains so far.Minister for Panchayat Raj and Rural Development Shoba Karandlaje accepted the power crisis staring in the face of the State, while talking to reporters here after attending the Cabinet meet. She said many decisions have been taken in the meet including cloud seeding, purchase of coal for thermal plants and purchase of power from private companies. Even pressure on the Centre would be stepped up for more allocation of power to the State, she added. A sub-committee was set up headed by the Power Minister K S Eshwarappa with Revenue Minister Karunakara Reddy and Home Minister V S Acharya as its members, to monitor the situation. The sub-committee will meet every fortnight and take appropriate decisions.
Karnataka Power Transmission Corporation Limited (KPTCL) said the present demand is 118 million units (mu) per day, while the supply is barely 117 mu. “If the rains fail, days ahead will be tough to manage as power generation will come down,” officials added.Cloud seeding was last experimented in 2003 during S M Krishna regime, and it had yielded little results. The then government had spent huge amount of tax-payer’s money on the experiment. “Cloud seeding should be resorted to on rain-bearing clouds for it to be successful. But the south-west monsoon winds are not forming enough clouds these days. So, it will be a risky venture,” officials explained. Due to week monsoon, water level at major reservoirs like Linganamakki, Supa and Varahi has almost touched rock bottom. For instance, water level in Linganamakki reservoir last year was 61,452 cusecs. But this year, it is 9,515 cusecs. Similarly, Supa had 38,600 cusecs last year, compared to 4,414 cusecs this time. Varahi had 8,563 cusecs, as against 1,258 cusecs now. Nearly 50 per cent of power for the State is hydroelectricity. (news courtesy: Deccan Herald)

Non conventional power lobbies are always silent, when it comes to power crisis...they will always raise a hue and cry when power projects are mooted...

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Rajkiran Panuganti said...

In the current dangerous scenario of Oil politics, We should reduce our dependence on non-renewable Energy sources and our Consumption.

Another imp. issue as you know, is power theft. I have read a product from a company in K'taka which manufactures special power meters - where end user can lets say swipe credit card and buy desired amount of power. And, it will also detect if power the person bought is being stolen somewhere else.

This will also ensure automatic billing - pay before use etc. -- Very promising. Such efforts needs to be promoted. We look up to govt's like yours to take such initiatives.