Saturday, July 26, 2008

News Scan On Bangalore Bomb Blast

Our response to Terrorism: Dr V S Acharya
It is an attempt to malign Government: Yeddyurappa
May Not be an act of terror
Designed to disrupt the peace and harmony that Bangalore is known for...Dr Vijay Mallya
Terror has no boundaries:
I am angry at the way the electronic media is making use of the incident and hyping it with a view on TRPs: Jayant Kaikini in and in

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satish said...

Dear Sir,

We are again seeing the Bomb blasts in Bangalore after the IISC attack....unfortunatley!

But what action Karnataka Goverment has taken to establish the ANTI TERROSIT OPERATION?

We know there is so called ANTI TERROSIT FORCE in Karnataka....but how good we are in modernising it. In this Budget allocation it was mentioned that 'We will make make it modern" but How? there is no action plan - there is no answer for this!

Instead of always blamming, why we can't equip ourselves better?