Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Better roads, wider roads save fuel: thus save our environment!

Wider roads: save fuel
Less Pollution
Wider roads: Safer, save lives!

Defending the chopping of trees for widening Sankey Road, Higher Education Minister V S Acharya on Monday said it was not possible to give preference to trees over the road.

Speaking at a World Environment Day event, he said: “There is obviously a need to widen the road to accommodate the increasing traffic. If people want the road to be widened and also the trees to remain, then it is like saying you want to have the cake and eat it too.”

Acharya said the trees existed because of the road and not the other way around and people should not oppose the cutting of trees. “We can plant more saplings later. The road widening should go on,” he said.

The Minister, however, cautioned people not to destroy the environment and to protect the resources. “Modernisation, greed and commerce have led to the destruction of the environment. There should be sustainable development,” the Minister said.

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