Monday, July 11, 2011

Media - Internal Ombudsman: need of the hour!

Snehalatha/ Bellevision
Udupi, 11 July 2011: Journalism which is in the cross roads can be brought to the right path only from within the journalism and cannot be done from outside, opinioned State Higher Education Minister Dr. V. S. Acharya. He was speaking upon inauguration of the new Press Club and laying foundation stone fort the News Bhavana. The Judiciary system, Legislatory system are all sometimes get into humorous or laughable situations. But the journalism should not become like that, said the Minister. Journalist should leave aside the negative approach and must encourage the personalities of good creative thinking and to those who does good work. In the public platform it is not possible for the politicians and officers to take a short cut for a long lasting achievement. And this principle applies to even journalists also, said Dr. Acharya.

State government has announced rupees 1 crore for the welfare of the Journalists, rupees 50 lakhs for the welfare of Senior Journalists, the monthly allowance has been increased from rupees 1,000 to 2,000, Smart card for the Journalists who crossed the age of 60 and also Mere Hanumatha Rao awards have been declared. The government is always ready to hear the petitions of the Journalists, said the Minister.
State Journalists Association President Gangadhara Modaliyar speaking on the occasion, said that, after the Neera Radhiya case, there have been evidences that even the Journalism is not out of corruption. Elections have created a new corruption called paid news. The murder of Jyothi Dey in Mumbai proclaim that in our country even the Journalists are not safe. To all these problems and issues the only solution is to follow the Journalism ethics by all Journalists, he said.

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