Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Under employed opposition leaders...

Karnataka minister VS Acharya tells G Vishnu, Tehelka that he never put pressure on the Lokayukta to give a clean chit to the CM
  • Karnataka Lokayukta Santosh Hedge claims you were present when former Union minister V Dhananjaya Kumar asked him not to indict Chief Minister BS Yeddyurrappa in his forthcoming report on illegal mining. Is it true?
    It is true that I met Hegde at his house in Bengaluru but I didn’t discuss any political matter. Dhananjaya Kumar didn’t make any such statement in my presence. I have high regard for Hegde. His father (Justice KS Hegde) was a senior BJP leader. I have never asked him for any favours.
  • What is your comment on the Congress allegation that Santosh Hegde is corrupt.
    Congress leaders are underemployed and don’t know what to do, hence spewing nonsense is their preoccupation. We don’t know why the Congress is attacking Hegde. They always have a hidden agenda. They deliberately projected Chief Minister Yeddyurappa as a villain to hide their own sins. We have all seen how the Commonwealth Games, 2G spectrum and the oil scams consumed the country. People in Karnataka have repeatedly vouched for our performance. We care a hoot for what the Congress says.
    • In the Lokayukta’s previous report on illegal mining, former Congress CM Dharam Singh was also named.
      Dharam Singh’s involvement only dates back to five years ago but the Congress has been exploiting iron ore reserves in the state for 30-40 years now. They began with charging extra premium for the iron ore dust. The Congress has a long history of exploiting resources for its own use. They were the first to export iron ore at the cost of government companies. The Congress policy itself is all about creating bankruptcy. Name any state in the country, the Congress has looted resources there. Be it Karnataka, Odisha or Madhya Pradesh, the raw materials were exploited, exported, completely ignoring the value addition that could have proved beneficial for local industries. Better gain and employment creation is completely ignored. Congress agents have always exported ore at throwaway prices.
    • Is the BJP trying to pressurise Hedge into not naming Yeddyurappa? He has given suggestions to that effect. Rumour has it that you are among those who put pressure.
      Hegde is a person whom we consider with great respect. All this is a media creation. I don’t know what Hegde has said. I have been meeting him since 1975. I never used any meeting to push my own cause or political purpose. The last time I visited his house was six months ago to invite him for a function. No one can doubt my integrity.
    • The Lokayukta has asked for security cover for his staff once the report is out. What kind of threat are they facing?
      I’m not aware of that. If he has asked for security, he should be given protection. Anybody, whether it is a government servant or a private person, if they are feeling threatened, they need to ask and we will give them protection.
    • Do you acknowledge that there exists a powerful mining mafia in the iron ore belts of the state?
      I don’t know about the mining mafia. Today, the atmosphere in the country is fragile. There are a lot of security issues. So let us not limit ourselves to Bellary.

    • The BJP made an unsubstantiated allegation regarding the wealth of Deve Gowda. After Kumaraswamy went on a fast, the remark was withdrawn. Didn’t your party lose face?
      Instead of raising valid issues, they are attacking a good government. Our governance is so good that people are repeatedly electing us and I don’t think there is anything worth pointing out in what the Opposition is doing
    • G Vishnu is a Correspondent with Tehelka.

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