Thursday, March 11, 2010

Sting Operation: Footage telecast in bad taste: CM

BANGALORE: Chief minister B S Yeddyurappa and home minister V S Acharya have felt that the repeated telecast of the Swami Nityananda scandal footage to be in bad taste. The repeated telecast of the footage, he said does not well with the tradition of our country. "It does not adhere to our culture," the chief minister said. (TOI)

Sex & Crime News damaging our society
Mishandled media coverage of sexual violence/crime encourages sexist social attitudes and criminal activity, say experts A write up by By Anjira Assavanonda/AsiaMedia
=The media's improper reporting of sex crimes had led to a phenomenon of ''sexual adversity''
=It is worrying that society was being subject to daily news reports of sexual violence, as if it were a common occurrence.
=''The journalists may feel they are doing their job well, reporting fast and intensely. But they forget that it may destroy the victims' dignity,''
=''We're in a society where humans are commercial goods. Humans make news. And yet we don't care what happens after the news is published,''
=''If we continue to accept that into our culture, sexual adversity will never end.''

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Gajendra said...

I totally agree with the CM