Saturday, March 27, 2010

Disclosure of Sensitive data to the media: Maharashtra ATF chief removed

Leaking sensitive information to the media by investigating police officers/personnel for petty gains or instant fame has been on the rise. This dangerous trend leads to destruction of evidence, escape of criminals...

A strong signal has been sent to all such individuals, with the removal of Maharashtra ATF chief.
" Raghuvanshi's expected transfer came in the wake of his utterances last fortnight following the arrest of two terror suspects in Mumbai who were planning to blow up an ONGC tank, a mall and a cloth wholesale market. The central government had expressed displeasure over what it felt 'leakage of sensitive information' pertaining to the two terror suspects by Raghuvanshi."(Full report)

The message is clear:
1. Please let the investigating agencies do their job, too much curiosity on the part of media, hampers the investigations/ outcome
2. Leakage of sensitive information to the media may not be good for the career of an investigating officer!

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