Thursday, October 28, 2010

Press Meet 27.10.2010

The Sri Krishna Temple in Udupi will no longer be under the control of the State with the “erroneous notification” of the Muzrai Department published in April 2003 being withdrawn with immediate effect.

Briefing presspersons on the Government Order, Minister for Higher Education and Udupi district in-charge, V.S. Acharya, said the 800-year-old temple would be administered by the Ashta Maths, as has been practised for several centuries.

The Paryaya swamiji, who offers worship to Lord Krishna at the temple, will also administer the Krishna Math, and both the math and the temple were considered an integral math in accordance with a judgment of the Supreme Court.

Dr. Acharya said it was unfortunate that a government department issued an erroneous notification classifying the Sri Krishna Temple, along with several other temples, as a property of the Government.

A formal representation was made to the Government in August 2008 requesting that the Sri Krishna Temple be denotified from the list of temples notified by the Muzrai Department as those belonging to the Government.

Education: In another development, the Government has written to the Union Home Minister highlighting what it has termed the non-cooperation of Governor H.R. Bhardwaj in the administration of the State.

Dr. Acharya said it was improper of the Governor to turn down the suggestion of the State Government, based on the recommendations of a search committee, in the appointment of vice-chancellors.In a recent case, the Governor turned down the appointment of S.B. Hinchageri as the Vice-Chancellor of Karnatak University, Dharwad, and instead appointed H.B. Walikar, he said.This has been challenged in the Karnataka High Court.

The Minister said of the 11 government engineering colleges approved by the Yeddyurappa Government so far, civil works of 10 colleges were in progress.

Among the college buildings in the final stages of construction are those in Haveri, Hassan and Ramanagaram. The Government had called for appointment of 60 assistant professors for the engineering colleges and 470 teaching staff for the polytechnics.



Anonymous said...

Mr Minister, i am a big fan of yours. you are the only minister in yadyurappa's cabinet, who has run the department without any controversies. But, sorry to tell you this, being a lawyer, i have personally studied both the candidates profile in KUD VC appointment row. i agree that you have a proposed dr. hinchageri's name for the post. can i know on what basis you have recommended him for the post? do you know how cases are running in the court against him? have you atleast tried to compare the profiles of Dr. Hinchageri and Dr. Walikar? i dont think so. i have done it, Publications: hinchageri has done 37 papers, out of which he claims only 10 published rest all are communicated, mean they may or may not get published. walikar has published 57 papers. hinchageri has said in his profile that he has guided 7 students for Phd, where as walikar has 17 Phd students to his credit. can you answer me this question please, on what basis you have recommended hinchageri's name for the post of VC? i am sure i will not get any answer to this question. atleast i was not expecting this from a person like you. just because of lingayat dont support in-capable people for such responsible post.

Dr V S Acharya said...

Thanks for your feedback. Such allegations are common, when some vested interests are involved.

However the issue here is the norms not being followed while selecting the shortlisted candidates.

The shortlisting is done by an expert committee. Based on the observations of expert committee, government makes recommendation to the Chancellor.

More can not be said, as the matter is in the honourable court.