Monday, September 13, 2010

Need of the Hour: New residential complex for Police Personnel

MANGALORE September 12, 2010: Home minister of Karnataka Dr. V.S. Acharya today announced the release of Rs. 6 crores for constructing a new housing colony for the Policemen of the Mangalore Commissionearate.

He was in the city to participate in the Ganesha Chauthi at the Police lines today. Dr. Acharya who expressed exasperation at the way the Police families here living in the dilapidated police quarters told Press that "I always wanted to visit the police lines ever since I took charge of the Home ministry. I must thank the Police Commissioner Mr. Seemanth Kumar Singh and Mr. Yogish Bhat MLA of Mangalore for bringing me here. I know firsthand information how the policemen of Mangalore and their families live in these police quarters which belong to the Tippu Sultan age".

It is appalling how they live in the dilapidated buildings in the police lines, the buildings on the northern side were so dilapidated that they are fit to demolish and the families there should be shifted to a new housing colony until such a time the new multi storied quarters come up in their place.

“I have released Rs. 6 crores for constructing five blocks each having 24 double bedroom flats for the police personnel in the Mangalore commissionerate. These three storied buildings will provide good dwelling to the policemen and their families, with individual drinking water facility with quality power supply," Acharya said.

Dr. Acharya had also brought along with him the top officials of the Police Housing Corporation who has been directed to plan the new housing colony for Policemen in Mangalore.

Dr. Acharya told that the present colony will have to be pulled down to make way for the new colony. He observed that the policemen who spend their life outside their houses most of the time should get at least a proper place to rest after coming from the grueling day on the field. Some of them will be on law and order, crime and traffic duties, but when they come back home they should be able to live like normal citizens, in the present colony it was not possible as their spouses will have to fetch water from a distance and heat it up over a stove of kerosene of gas to provide their tired husbands a decent bucket of water for bath. In the new colony that, and other comforts of home will be available for the policemen enabling them to resume their duties afresh in the morning next day,” he said.

Dr. Achraya said even the housing colony at Shaktinagar will be revamped at a cost of Rs. 35 lakhs. Dr. Acharya earlier had lunch at the 'Samaradhane' at the Ganesha pendal at the police lines and offered poojas to lord Ganapathy.

Later speaking to the media Dr. Acharya said the Kerala based Madani who masterminded the Bangalore blasts, had links in the political circles and in coming days his links will be exposed.(Mangalorean)

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