Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Cow Slaughter Ban

Stir on cow slaughter ban bill not against governor: Ktk govt

Bangalore: In an apparent effort to mollify Governor H R Bhardwaj, the BJP government in Karnataka today said its campaign demanding assent to the Cow Slaughter Ban Bill was not directed against him but to create an awareness.

As the war of words between the governor and BJP continued, the government appeared to soft pedal the issue a day after Bhardwaj said as a Brahmin he need not learn about cow protection from anyone.

"The agitations are not against the governor. It is only to inform the people about the passing of the bill by both houses of the legislature and its importance," Home Minister and senior state BJP leader V S Acharya told reporters here.

He said the Bill was in accordance with the Supreme Court ruling and at least seven states had already enacted a law banning slaughter of cows.

Acharya said the then Mysore State Assembly had enforced a legislation in 1948 banning cow slaughter, but it was not effective.

Giving vent to his anger over BJP's protest on cow slaughter bill, Bhardwaj, who had forwarded the bill to the President for assent, had stated yesterday, "Ministers are giving many statements against me. This is gross indiscipline. I don't like this."

"I am a Brahmin. I need not learn from anybody about cow protection," said Bhardwaj, who has come under repeated attacks from BJP for functioning as "a Congressman".

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