Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Photo of the week

12th Batch, Armed Police
Photo: Dayanand Kukkaje


arunachalamramakrishnan said...

Dear Sir,
I wish to send you a message and I do not know how to send it. I am a resident of Whitefield and I wish to bring to the notice of the Karnataka Govt. about a Traffic problem at the "HOPE FARM" junction wherein many people are suffering every day sue to the messy situation of traffic. Please arrange to study the situation and provide viable, cost-effective solutions. In my opinion, there is a bottleneck in the Channasandra Road and if it is widened / one way options are explored, easy solution is possible. Kindly look into it. What is the mechanism available to post grievances to the Karnataka government.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
It is really pathetic to see our policemen marching with 18th century archaic guns, where as criminals, terrorists,naxals are having sophisticated automatic weapons. It is high time your Dept pay attention to modernise the police force and train them to properly, to collect forensic evidence so that criminals can be prosecuted.