Tuesday, October 27, 2009

All for a safer world...

(TOI) BANGALORE: Bursting of crackers will not be an easy affair from next Diwali. The government is mulling over ideas to prevent accidental injuries and pollution caused by crackers during festivals and public functions. "It is an irony that recently many people lost vision during the festival of lights. We thought we should urgently do something to address the problem," law minister S Suresh kumar told reporters on Monday. Kumar, who held a high-level meeting with home minister V S Acharya and medical education minister Ramachandra Gowda, said they decided to constitute a committee to suggest solutions. The panel comprising senior policemen and officials from the Fire Force, law department, health department and the Pollution Control Board, has been asked to submit recommendations in a fortnight. "Whatever be the recommendations, we will frame rules in a such way that it doesn't kill the spirit of festivals," he added. The government will also soon embark on an awareness campaign in schools by screening films on the dangers of bursting crackers. Quoting statistics, Kumar said around 15,000 persons sustain injuries in the country during Diwali, of whom 300 lose sight. Most of the victims are children and innocent passers-by, he added. Quoting another study, the minister said Diwali rockets cause the greatest harm as they rupture the eyeball. Sparklers, otherwise considered safe, have also caused some serious damage, Kumar added. Putting forth one of his own ideas, the minister said the government can identify silent zones and the use of crackers should be completley resitricted there. "We can also organize fireworks at designated open grounds so that people collectively enjoy the spectacle," he added. If necessary, he said, the committee will be allowed to study laws governing bursting of crackers in the US and UK and analyze their applicability to Karnataka. The minister maintained that the government has no qualms in putting a restraint on bursting crackers at political functions.
Diwali without fireworks? Community Fireworks: a safe, pollution reducing option?
Diwali is the festival of lights, not the festival of noise. Unless you belong to the Dinosaur age, you are aware of this. Why not live up to the name and do up your home with lovely earthen diyas strewn all around? How about a beautiful rangoli at the entrance of your home? If you're extremely busy there are Rangoli stickers available in the market but there's nothing better than adding some colour with your own hands. Do it and let the compliments flow! Absolutely can't imagine Diwali festivities without bursting a single cracker? Since crackers create a lot of waste as well as pollution, one good idea to reduce it is to have a community fireworks show in your colony or housing estate, instead of everyone going for it individually. Another great and fast catching option is noiseless crackers. With children and parents becoming eco-friendly, there's a high demand for colourful fireworks which can emit several types of colours without the ear splitting boom. There's quite a range available in soundless crackers, from ground crackers like the 'Chakras' or 'spinning wheels' to rockets that dart towards the sky and explode noiselessly into hundreds of brightly coloured stars. Isn't that a delightful sight for the eyes without disturbing anybody? Similarly smokeless crackers are also available in the market. (Reshmi Chakraborty)


Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...

Yes, .. Govt. sponsored fireworks in open ground is the way to go!

It addresses two issues:
a. Poor people can also enjoy without the families going through the peer pressure to spend money to satisfy the eagerness of their children.

b. Reduces pollution and risks significantly without reducing the festivities

Santosh S said...

This thought come to my mind every deepavali :). Thanks for writing this post and sharing your thoughts and action needs to be taken.

Now a days,the crackers which comes creates lot of noise + Pollution.Has governament how much pollution has been created on this deepavali celebration (May be pollution control board has to answer this! :) ) . Certainly,with that data people will definiately welcome your action to ban firecrackers which creates noise in residential areas.

Instead,If one wants to fire a cracker identify an place within 4-5 areas(Might be a big ground,Open place) to fire crackers.

Hoping to see some action till next deepavali.Your governament will be the first to think on this :) and certainly people welcome this.