Friday, October 9, 2009

Now you can Donate Online!

Karnataka has seen unprecedented floods in the recent times. You can contribute towards mitigating the suffering of people through contribution to

"Calamity Relief Fund of Karnataka"
Thanks to Giri/Dr Rajkiran Panuganti for inputs in this regard!

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Vivek V Kamath said...

This is copy of e-mail to

Subject:Suggestion for proposed flood tax

Dear CM,

->We understand the gravity of the situation caused by sudden nature's fury.

->We have been generously donating in cash and kind for relief and rehabilitation.

->But inflation is taking its toll on the common man.You already know that cost of essential commodities like rice and vegetables have increased 2-5 times after drought and now floods.
In addition to this bus fares and passes
have been increased/costly.

->Cost of living is increasing everyday but not salaries/wages proportionately.
Hence its not appropriate time to impose taxes/burden to the common man.

->Inspite of all the hardships,we are duty bound citizens and hence have been supporting the cause of rehabilitation.

Alternative Ideas
->Please target billionaire politicians...
Many have declared assets worth hundreds/thousand of crores.

->Please target/campaign among NRI's and NRK's

->Ask for donations from corporates and their CEO's

->Keep an option that if those caught by lokayuktha pledge their wealth to relief fund then cases be withdrawn and clemency will be given.

->Ask for donations from religious institutions

->With these ideas we can collect 1,00,000 cr. not just 1000cr.

Vivek Kamath