Tuesday, April 21, 2009

''Nationalism, security, prosperity and equality

Mangalore April 20, 2009: The Home Minister of Karnataka Dr. V S Acharya today alleged the Congress Party leaders including its Supremo Sonia Gandhi, were spreading false propaganda against the BJP.
''This was done mainly due to frustration over BJP Government gaining popularity in the State,'' he added. Taking strong exception to Congress terming BJP as communal, Dr Acharya told newsmen here, BJP deserves respect for its commitment to principles and is not indulging in spreading false propaganda.
''Nationalism, security, prosperity and equality are the main principles of the BJP. The people of the State are already aware of the ill-designs of the Congress Party,'' Acharya charged.
Referring to Mr Rahul Gandhi's statement during an election meeting in Bangalore recently on the BJP Government having failed to utilize the grants released by the Centre, Dr Acharya claimed the Congress-led UPA Government had not released any grant other than recommendation made in the XII Finance Commission. The congress fearing the defeat is making thoughtless statements, he alleged. He also alleged that the Congress President, Sonia Gandhi did not know the nationality.
Defending his recent much-publicized visit to the Congress workers meet in Udupi District, Dr Acharya said, the visit was neither to the Congress office nor to the meeting of that party. ''I have been there to meet one of my old friends. I met my friend on his invitation at his shop and there was no party flag or no party meeting was being held there,'' Dr Acharya clarified.

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