Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Do Not Hurt the feelings of the believers

Made snana is a matter of personal belief: Mujrai minister

Media breaching the right to privacy, intellectuals hampering the right to observe your faith...

The Dakshina Kannada District Administration's direction to Kukke Subrahmanya temple administrator to ban the `Made Made Snana' practice came to a naught with Mujrai minister over riding this diktat.

Over 550 devotees took part in the ritual which involves rolling on plantain leaves used by Brahmins for meals, under the belief that it will cure them of skin ailments. The ritual will be held for two more days.

Mujrai minister VS Acharya told TOI the decision by the district administration was hasty.
``Such decisions need to be taken only after proper consultations at appropriate levels. These (Made Made snana) are traditional rituals working on beliefs and we have no business coming in the way of those beliefs,'' he said.

Regarding would there be any change next year Acharya said: Even if any changes have to be made, there is a process (Asthamangala prashna). Hence it was decided to continue the tradition like last year. We are not going to start any new tradition. The old tradition, if it has to continue, will continue.

Asthamangala prashna is a thorough or detailed study to find out root causes of any problem and the remedy to it using numerology and astrology.

Regarding opposition to this practice from many quarters, Acharya shot back:
Those people who don't believe (in the ritual) don't have any business to interfere - as they don't have any belief. They need not worry about it.

Role of the media, self proclaimed intellectuals in this regard is quite provocative!
When there is no issue of caste in this belief, media desperately tries to divide the society in the lines of caste. Moreover, shameless visual media has been covering this event live, thus breaching the right to privacy of the devotees performing the ritual.


Anonymous said...

Rightly said. Non believers need to be kept out of this. Media in karnataka has reached an all time low after the introduction of few news channels. People of Karnataka are being exposed to all kinds of make believe stories just because news channels want more TRP.

Anonymous said...

Made Snana is also performed by Brahmins. However media in its hunger for TRP is misrepresenting facts

Inquiring Mind said...

Hats off to you sir.. you have withstand those media terrorist attempts to interfere in our traditions..