Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Karnataka: curbing a menace

Bangalore, June 22 (PTI): Karnataka was in the process of formulating a package for the benefit of Naxals who wish to surrender, Home Minister Dr V S Acharya said today.

"The new package is likely to be announced in about six months by the authorities in Naxal affected districts," he told reporters here.

He claimed Naxal activities in the state have come down due to steps taken by Karnataka in the last eight years.

Acharya regretted that Karnataka had not been invited to the recent meeting of Naxal-hit states convened by the Centre to discuss the problem despite the fact that the state has seen a decline in Naxalite activities.

The Anti-Naxal Force is engaged in regular combing operations in Naxal-affected districts, he said.


Rama_Bangalore said...

Dear Sir,

Many are commenting that the BJP govt. in Karnataka is the most corrupt regime. Kindly look into such alleagations and provide us, the BJP supporters that effective mechanisms are in place to tackle corruption in government.

SHREE (ಶ್ರೀ) said...

Karnataka doesn't have wild naxals like those who operate in Orissa / WB, that is a fact. Naxals operating now in Karnataka are more of intellectuals, rather than fighters. They don't cause any harm to anyone, they are just toothless tigers now. ANF doesn't have much work actually. Still we need the tag that Karnataka is a Naxal-affected state, because of the provisions/facilities provided by central government for "Naxal-hit states"... Isn't this true?

Suresha Moolya said...

SHREE - what kind of intellectuals are Naxals when they have killed poor farmers like Sheshappa?

Why idiiolize these misguided youth and name them intellectuals?

Fact is Karnataka never had major inequality in wealth seen in other states you mentioned.

And your so called intellectual naxals have becoming nothing but a tool of Kerala timber mafia who are encroaching our forests (just go beyond usual path in Kodachadri and you will come across acres of Ganja planation) and other such vested interests.

Idiolizing such hit men and women Naxals as "intellectuals" by section of media is really an anti-national, anti-people act. As I ask which intellectual Naxals will kill poor farmer like Sheshappa?

Gladson said...

Naxal activities have come down in Karnataka in the last 8 years. Who are we fooling? The Naxal menace is Karnataka was never grave threat. In fact Naxal presence in Karnataka came to the fore only with the infamous encounter near Karkala. It was about 7-8 ago. Thereafter Naxal problems have actually increased and not declined as HM claims. Surely the way chosen by Naxals is wrong but not their purpose. Naxals are born wherever equality does not exist. It is not mere wealth inequality that turns youth towards Naxalism. The social inequality, the ever-rising divide between faiths, the constant fear of being trampled just for having born in a so called lower strata of casteism. All these are the reasons which drive youth towards this ideology. Why does the govt sees Naxalism as law and order problem when it is actually the resul of bad governance and corruption of these elected representatives? As long as the thought that Naxalism can be eliminated by guns and bullets exists in the minds of police and those who control police, these problem will increase. Just see the families from which these individuals join Naxal force. Either they are from the very lower economical or social strata of the society or those educated individuals who have problems with system. I always wish that a person of our present HM's calibre and persona should come out with better solution for this problems since basically he is a doctor who knows to save people. Doctors don't advise to cut the leg just because it has pain. They try their best to cure with possible medication. So Naxal pain should first be dealt as social problem and means to solve this problems should first be thought about rather than using bullets.