Sunday, June 13, 2010

Excellence in Civil Engineering: Backbone for infrastructure development

MANGALORE, June 11, 2010: The state government was planning to start four new engineering college exclusively for training Civil engineers in the state. The colleges will be of the standard of Indian Institute of Technology, said Dr. V.S.Acharya home minister of Karnataka. He was Participating in the exhibition of building materials and technologies organised by the State PWD civil engineers Association on the occasion of the district level civil engineers workshop organised by the state Public Work Department on Friday.

Dr. Acharya said it was very unfortunate that students opt to take medical and other branches of engineering despite the civil engineering having a large scope in the modern economy. He said the civil engineering had a great scope as there were new buildings to be built, new roads to be laid, new bridges, dams and reservoirs to be constructed but we hardly get engineers to fill up the jobs. The new colleges will be built on international styling of campuses and will have modern labs, classrooms, new set of guidelines, curriculum and highly trained faculty."We have to understand the situation around us, everything was changing in the field of civil engineering, and there was so much of work at hand which can be accomplished only by getting exclusive colleges for civil engineering Dr. Acharya said.Apart from all that material changes we have to bring about a change in our work culture and bring up our integrity to a higher level. The stress on classroom teaching should be done away with and more of experiential inputs should be the mantra he added. On this occasion Dr. Acharya also inaugurated the exhibition and visited various stalls and evinced keen interest in few of the technologies exhibited on the occasion. Top civil engineers of the district and the PW Department were present. New concrete technology, waterproofing material, new steel and cement and many other building materials were exhibited. (Mangalorean)

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Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...

I agree with you. We should also promote e-learning or distance learning. I would like to point you to this wonderful youtube channel where we have almost all IIT lectures.