Friday, April 23, 2010

Police too have Human Rights!

As if fighting the Maoists was not enough, the police involved in the anti-Naxal operations in Chattisgarh are stretched on another front where they have to spend a considerable time in courts.

Police often get bogged down by cases of alleged human rights violations in various courts resulting in diversion of manpower affecting its operational capabilities in the operations in the Naxal-hit state, top police officers said today.

And the man worried is none other than Director General of Chhatisgarh Police Vishwa Ranjan who finds himself in a catch-22 situation as his men have to spend more time in courts with lawyers to counter the propaganda of Naxals which is being spread through human rights activists.

The case of Dantewada, the heart of Maoist insurgency, has been cited by the police to buttress their point.

The district Superintendent of Police Amresh Misra has to spend half his time in Delhi with lawyers in a Public Interest Litigation filed before the Supreme Court by a human rights activist Himanshu Kumar alleging that 13 people were killed in fake encounters.

In fact, all the 13 persons were alive and their statements have been recorded before a magistrate in a Delhi Court, says Ranjan.

"But to counter this (allegation), my SP has to spend most of the time in Delhi briefing lawyers," he told
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Puneeth said...

Dear Dr.
The Union home minister during a debate in the Rajyasabha has asked a question to the human rights activists sympathetic to the NAXALS"If the NAXALS succeed in overthrowing the democratic set up and establish their own rule,Wud they have any respect or place for "HUMAN RIGHTS" in their set up???

The answer needs to be pondered upon by the so called "HUMAN RIGHTS ACTIVIST"


Narayan said...

Dear Dr.
If those 13 people are alive and not killed in encounter, why not the Supreme Court arrest Himanshu Kumar for misleading and wasting courts valuable time. Court should impose heavy monetary and long jail term for him so that idiots like him think twice before their false charges.

Narayan, USA

Ravi said...

If the HR Activist is even hit by a stone he would lavishly blame the police for not protecting. Dirty hypocrites, are we heading towards 2012 is my fear