Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Home Minister at St Aloysius & Radio SARANG

20 April. The College campus is calm, silent. Students are busy with their end-semester exams. But the brisk activity marked the St Aloysius College campus (specially the Chapel, Mass Communication Department, and Radio SARANG area). It was Dr V.S. Acharya -the Home Minister of Karnataka- on a personal visit to the Chapel and to the Radio SARANG 107.8MHz for an interview!

Karnataka Home Minister, Dr V. S. Acharya visited the St Aloysius College to relish the paintings of the world famous Chapel, this afternoon.Dr V.S. Acharya visited the Jesuit Residence, spent some time with the Jesuits in their dining room. Dr V.S.Acharya informed the College authorities two days about his desire to visit the entirely painted Church of St Aloysius College. Fr Vincent Pinto SJ, our expert on College Chapel paintings, explained the painting. Dr Acharya himself exhibited a deep understanding of the Chapel paintings (stories behind the paintings like St John de Britto, St Francis Xavier, Jesuit philosopher Robert de Nobili, and other saints).
After spending about 45 minutes in the Chapel, Dr Acharya -with his security staff- visited the Jesuit Residence and shared tea. And then, he visited the Community Radio SARANG 107.8MHz, for a short interview. (Full report/ more photos from Rego`s Media Page/ Mangalorean)

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