Monday, November 30, 2009

Your Tax Money at Work!

Making of this road was not easy...opposition for the sake of opposition, stay orders obtained by squatters... Anti Development lobbies...


Puneeth said...

Congratulations to everyone involved with the project!!!This has changed the face of UDUPI and MANIPAL.

Especially to the former DC of UDUPI,Mr.V Ponnuraj and his team.This project shows if there is a political WILL,what can be achieved in this country....i also congragulate you for not postponing the same for CHIEF MINISTER'S absence!!!I have no doubt that if this was to happen with a CONGRESS CHIEF MINITER,they woul have definitely postponed the same to encourage sychophancy and gain sme mileage...
i was actually impressed by the board displayed while the projcet was in"YOUR TAX MONEY AT WORK",i think this board bring a lot of satisfaction to the taxpayers.
Dear Dr,This board referring to the tax payers money should be used every where ,especially in MANGALORE where people are actually getting little frustrated with the ROAD building activity happening from the last 1 year.ofcourse only the taxpayers would be patient to understand the importance of development works

Puneeth kumar

jagadish said...

Dear Dr.Acharya:

Congrts!on this to BJP govt and yourself. Whole road system was unchanged for decades.
I also feel that NH17 which has been a mess near surtahkal for years will progess if you push the right persons as well.

Vivek V Kamath said...

Congratulations!Very much impressed
by the work done.
I left Manipal 10yrs ago when this particular road was Bi-lane(with great difficulty) Indira Gandhi road :-(. Now I am very happy to see the developed 4-lane BJP road!!

Contrasting photos displayed on this blog must displayed on the same developed road with headings
Congress road and BJP road.

Most suitable title selection for the topic.
This title must be displayed everywhere across Karnataka. Atleast then it may have some impact on the minds of the people.