Monday, November 23, 2009

Udupi: Acharya against interference in temple affairs

Udupi, Nov 23: Home and muzrai minister, Dr V S Acharya, said here that the government plans to bring certain modifications in the rules and regulations governing the formation of the ‘Hindu Religious Endowments Institutions Committees’ to stop political interference in issues concerning the renovation and reconstruction of religious centres and the appointment of priests.
He was speaking after presiding over a function organized at Karamballi village near here, for laying the foundation for the second phase renovation works of the ancient Lord Venkatramana Temple on Sunday November 22.
“Several rounds of discussions have taken place about the constitution of the said committees. There is a proposal to give autonomy to temples that are run by particular castes of tribes. Relating to this issue, a High Court Judge will be the president of this committee at the state level, while at the district level, district judge and deputy commissioner will be in the committees. Several rounds of discussion with officials have been held. As the issue has not been tabled before the cabinet so far, no final decision has been taken as yet,” he explained. He also expressed his desire, having taken over the muzrai department, to make the department more proactive and give added impetus for developing the Hindu centres of faith.
“Our government has tried to help the priests, by increasing their monthly honorarium from the earlier Rs 500 to 1,000,” he noted.
Sri Vishwapriyateertha Swamiji of Admar Mutt, who laid foundation stones for the outer wall and flag post of the temple, said that the temples should remain just the centres of faith. People should come to temples only to prostrate to the Lord and to get their worries and problems solved by seeking divine intervention. In the recent past, we have been hearing about the centres of faith turning into storehouses of fire arms and ammunitions, which is a worrying development, he explained.
Raghupati Bhat said that a budget of Rs 1.75 crore has been prepared for the second phase of renovation of the temple, considered to be one of the most ancient in the region. He said that the renovation and construction of outer wall, flag post, shrines of Lord Anjaneya, Lord Ganapati and Lord Eshwara will be completed by May next year.
Temple managing trustee and MLA, K Raghupati Bhat, entrepreneur, G Shankar, trustees, K Anantaram Upadhya, Dr Ni Bi Vijay Ballal, Purushottam Shetty, Vittal Shetty and others were present. (Daiji)


Vivek V Kamath said...

There is good article on modernization of Karnataka police and security in TOI,Bangalore,23rd Nov 2009 edition.May be you could post it on your blog here

Really good ! Congratulations!
We want to become No.1.

Henceforth temples and muzurai will also become source of tourist attraction.

Really Good!Congratulations!

Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...

This is long pending. BJP govt in karnataka and other BJP govt's must bring this change in legislation - even if center will not act on it.

It should have been done when NDA was in power - donno why they didnt do it.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised with the attitude of police men to the safety of citizens, for which they are paid for.
There may be some problems which they face in their life, but people should not be troubled for it.
Yesterday my friend was hit a BMTC bus and the car suffered major damage. He went to a near by police station, by noting all details of bus, and on the way he was threatened by some of the colleagues of BMTC driver who was travelling with him. He left him, and went to the PS alone.
After reaching the PS, when he presented the complaint to the Officer on duty, he was coaxed/threatened/convinced to modify the complaint to see that the bus number is not there in the complaint, and it is an "unknown" vehicle which hit from behind, and there was no FIR registered, and it was on a plain paper.
I have come across same situations atleast in 3 instances with people who I know personally, and it doesnt deserve any consideration for sympathy for the police men concerned. They may be very less in number, but they can not turn common man away from approaching them even in genuine cases. This is a serious offence, and if not punished, the driver would commit the same mistake again. There was no apology or repent on the driver's part even. This is because the police have failed to take action against culprits.


Anonymous said...

Further to my previous post, off late the enforcement of traffic offences have improved because of the use of newer technologies like Cameras.
But they are not being used uniformly for all offenders. There are many vehicles, who do not even display their number plates etc.
And the amount of violations like talking on mobile while driving, is on a rise, and there are many instances of near miss accidents because of this.
Request you to take action to make our city more safer.

Puneeth said...

Dear Dr.
While i agree with you on the non-interference of the governement in the activities of the places of worship,i would also like to bring your attention to the advice given by former president of India,Dr.Abdul Kalam on using places of worship to spread awareness on environement protection,cultural heritage of the region and to be vigilant citizens of the country..
Puneeth Kumar