Monday, March 16, 2009

Analyze this!

for details!
Read about the actor & his religion in (check under Other Controversies)
Report on 21.03.2009
Chaplin statue: Personally, I have a great admiration for Chaplin. I have visited places where he shot his movies and the train in which he’d travel at California. The director wanted to erect a 67-foot statue close to the Shaneshwara temple. As per the Coastal Regulation Zone rules, structures taller than 30 feet are not allowed. Moreover, he had not taken permission. The issue was not about Chaplin’s religion, but about the violation of prescribed rules...Dr VSAcharya


California place referenced above is Niles Canyon ( near Fremont, California (in San Francisco Bay Area). Chaplin's most memorable film "The Tramp" was shot here. Today one can see few remnants of Chaplin in this small town. There are Chaplin statues on storefronts and a museum celebrating era of silent movies.

Niles Canyon was a prominent railway stop of transcontinental railroad those days. Today Niles Canyon Railway is maintained by volunteers and one can ride this heritage train (

While on a personal visit to USA in 2003, Acharya visited these places as a Charlie Chaplin fan


Rajesh said...

Another blunder from the media, this clearly shows how much the media is against the BJP govt...really disgusting. Karnataka govt should not budge an inch for such media hooliganism...

Anonymous said...

Analyzed that...but will a common man ever get to know what really is the truth?

The way religion is being used in Politiks is sickening and the sooner that is cleaned, the better for everyone.


Shrinidhi Hande said...

Good analysis in that article.

As far as I know film crew use what's known as sets- temporary artifacts made out of plaster of paris for shooting, which can be assembled and dismantled with ease. I do not see a need for erecting a permanent statue to shoot a song...

Rajesh Rao said...

Dear Acharya,
I took a look at the URL in your post. Thanx for exposing the media and in particular TOI !! What is going on ?? Have people gone mad ? Why did the media play such a cruel joke on us innocent Kannadigas !! It has become a trend to beat Hindus with any stick the media can lay hands upon !! Heights of biased journalism !! What a shame !! Doctor Acharya, you need to get vocal on this !! Is there no way out other than succumbing to the media's whims and fancies and keep complaining ? Tomorrow if 2 neighbours fight in Mangaluru - it will be reported in front page by TOI screaming about Hindu outrage !! Doctor - save Hindustan !! Save Karnataka !! You are the Home have the powers !!

Namaskara....Rajesh Rao

Rajan Uppala said...

I really pity international organizations like AP, BBC fell for this false reporting by Times of India.

It perhaps also shows how lazy International reporters based out of India are - they just read every English newspaper and pick up the weirdest looking story and send it to their Head office!

Cut and paste job basically - and they get "hardship" pay for that?

Srikanth said...

I think a defamation suite should be filed against the news paper for carrying irresponsible news.

A good analysis. Probably there should be a way to expose these kind of incidents in other "Secular" media, and to "Candle light" intellectuals.

Bharat Nair said...

Dear Rajesh Rao & others,
Please see this-

Pls use this to file your complaints.


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

Any one knows the name of the Resident editor of Times of India Bangalore?

We can start Gandhigiri by sending GET WELL SOON card along with a pink rose (not pink chaddi)
Any takers and any ideas on how to go about this?


Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...

Actually, as responsible citizens, we must go through proper institutions for our complaints against Press - namely through Press Council.

Dr. Acharya ji, can I request you to know when all have you complained to the Press Council.

As a follower of your blog, even if you haven't done it, I and few other supporters of you should start strengthening the institutional process of going through Press Council.

Agreed, we don't have much hope of get desired results, but, its our duty to follow the process and strengthen and then complain!

Anonymous said...

See the below link
for comments on TOI's Myvoice MyTimes for the caption
Is culture policing ruining the image of Karnataka?

Rakesh Kumar Singh said...

If anyone believes the media, the coastal region of Karnataka must be a very dangerous place full of Hindu Jehadis.
The funny part about it is that this news article became a front page news and rarely anything was printed on it the next day.
You can see the outrage of the civil society- The same old faces.

No one thought of verifying. It is from the newsest badlands of Karnataka and hence it must be true. The dog has a bad name and hence it should be hanged.

Now if the government takes any action against the mischeif makers then this same civil society who are quitely licking their wound will get one more issue to be in headlines.

Media has become a farce. It is not supposed to be objective but sensationalist. But there is a silver lining. After somedays all residents of dakshina Kannada District will become certified jehadies and hence they will not be news worthy.The sensation actor will be gone anyway.

Karnataka should learn a lesson from Gujarat. Narendra Mody is the most demonised poltician in all other places except Gujarat but then does he cares. Castigating him anymore does not create ny sensation anymore and now the same media is finding virtue.

Let you all be demons but if you continue to harp on development this tamasha will dies its own natural death

Harry said...

Anlyze for what..... Do we have AMithaBachan or Sharukh Khan Statue in Germany or in USA ....

What does a statue mean for that place.....

Of course the Statue of PELE in West Bengal is a worth as they do play foot ball and like it...

What is the Moral we are goning to get with Charlie in Beach side...

Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...

Involvement of Church and Masjids in Kerela politics. No media highlights it.

Girish said...

I came to know that Hemant Hegde the new joker created by Times Of India is going to do a dharna in M.G Road on Friday at 4:00pm.He is calling all SICKULAR people to be present,especially sickular artists and philosophers.

It is high time people expose TOI. Times of india is resorting to yellow journalism with all journalistic ethics thrown to the wind.

Ironically their mission statement says"Let Truth Prevail". I would like to remind the fanatic guys in TOI who are bashing the people of south kanara that truth will always prevail and you will always be proven wrong.

If the fanatic behaviour of TOI continues there is no difference between jehadis who are unleashing terror on Hindus using GUNS and Times Of India who are unleashing hatred and doing Hindu bashing using PEN.

Sujith Shetty said...

TOI Is Backing hegde... n shame to hegde to go in this way to popularize his movie......

I think TOI shud stop these ways of journalism n Protect the respect it had.....

Anonymous said...

I herad that there are salary cuts and layoffs at The Slimes of India. Imagine that. Running political propaganda at the behest of their bosses isn't going to save those poor sods their jobs. There is a lesson in this for all "journalists."

Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...


I believe our strategy with media should be of trying to bring them onto our camp (if I can use that word) instead of confronting them. The battle with media is unnecessary and our fight should be focussed on BJP's prime issues. Media is only a hurdle. We must make that hurdle turn into a friendly tool.

We must take a leaf out of BJP in Gujarat which holds "sneh-milan" for journalists regularly. If we can change the hearts of these journalists, it can become a win-win situation.

Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...


I believe we need to understand journalists better and reach out to them.

What happens is BJP unleashes a large amount of Raw Energy. And, when people (journalists) personally feel that energy get afraid as to where it will lead to.

Ofcourse, the other reason that media does it for TRP is also true.

However, We all want strong and FAIR media. Confronting media is waste of our energy. We should befriend them. We must reach out and extend a friendly hand.

Again, I think BJP in Karnataka should hold a lunch party for journalists. It will have some positive effect.

BV Swagath said...

well you Kannada folks can teach the director Hedge by bocyotting that upcoming movie and make it a big flop. That will be a good lesson for the man who tried to malign our community just for the sake of publicity and seeking the attention of the Anti-Hindu/Anti-BJP Newspaper and their friends.

ThoughtPaisa said...

Case of Give a dog a bad name and hang it. Suggest reading this

Shrinidhi Hande said...

Can someone do this: Please verify if Hegde and his team are continuing their shooting elsewhere or the unit has disintegrated after the incident.

if they aren't proceeding with shooting plans seriously then we need to suspect they might have had secondary motives and objectives.

Rakesh kumar Singh said...

The last report I read about Mr. Hegde is that a private Company Rajesh export is willing to fund the statue at Innovative Film City at Bidadi.
Now let us see the statue.And what about Sahitii Kalavidaara Balaga sit at Bangalore attended by number of out of work directors and theatre personalities. A non entity like hemant hegde has given so many other non entities their 15 minutes of fame.

Lets digest some more information. Housefull stars a relatively unknown actors- Hemant Hegde and Diganth of Masth Majaa Maadi as idiots and their adventures.Now Hemant Hegde must have made a fortune in his bits and pieces roles in Hindi movies. For this same movie he announced a BJP MP Navjot Singh Sidhu is to play a part. He was suppose to enter the guiness Book of World Records by constructing the tallest statue in a CRZ Zone. He forgot to mention that it could have been the only one in the World as well as no such structures is permitted just metres from sea shore anywhere in the world.
When the movie was announced Mr hegde promised of record breaking stuff. Well that is what he proved. The record breaking banal journalism.

In all this din did we ever heard of an another failed actor turned producer Anuj Saxena who also is son of the person who owns a 350 crores Company Elder Pharmaceuticals and who is supposedly producing this film. After all it is his money but where is he?

Thw whole point is that A person with lot of money who failed in becoming a big actor hires other Failed actor turned Director. They Plan to make a movie with a start cast of side actors and side actresses. They make a movie which will be washed out like other movies or serials produced by the production House. They need a buzz and then they play down this incident to generate the interest in the movie.

IThey are aware that the idiots in media and arm chair liberals will lap it up without verifying any fact. Just because the word BJP and Hindu Fundamentalism was used, Lap it.

As for the record the Law of land is very clear. You cannot erect a permanant structure on a public land. and no structures just metres from the shore. But then they had the publicity they needed. A lot of people now know about Housefull and they think that by this Tamasha the 'Housefull' will be Housefull. As of Times of India this was a new low even by the low standards of TOI.

Ravi said...

Agony of being literate:
Today I face the worst problem of being a literate. I cannot live like a human any more. I cannot wish to be an Indian any more. In my childhood days my parents would force me to read news paper. Today I strong oppose my young niece to read it. I fear she might lose faith in humanity. I fear she will be doubly worried of her future being in India. I fear she will oppose her culture and be a problem to the family becuase of the extnl influence through news paper. I fear she will start hating every person whom she will come across. I fear she will stop studying bcs the day she will realize that its not the interlligence & marks alone can garuntee her a future.
Will there be an answer for my fear? During my childhood days I remember there were only few classified magazine which carried illicit contents and photographs and were not accessible to common man. Today Times of India is no exception to such a magazine and is available early in the morning for just Rs2.5.
Does that mean we are developed or does that mean we are globalized or does that only mean its so bcs sex sells and media just want money?

svtmangalore said...

I have a suggestion to Home minister.

The media most of the times depicts their views as public opinion and also show/allow only those opinions aired on network that suits them. They use this tactic to manipulate public opinion on any subject.

Could Govt. come up with a legal body that some what like lokayukta can take up such cases on public complaints and fight in court? and have a provison for Fine on broadcaster?
Some thing in line of class action suit in US?

Many people would come forward and file case on media. Some of the partial and biased reports i would like to point are

1. During Diwali showing pollution level in isolation, and not having comparative studies of pollution generated by industries, Traffic jams burning waste etc

2. During Holi crying foul for wastage of water and not bothering to mention how much water is wasted by people washing cars, using Bathtubs/ modern modular bathing systems.

3. During Ganesha festival showing reports about Lake water contamination because of statues but not bothering to show how much of pollutants are washed to river bodies by leather tanneries, Chemical industries, pesticides used in farming etc

4. Remembering animal rights during events like jallikattu(bull run) but forgetting them when it comes to merciless killing of Goats, Camels, pigs and turkeys for festivals of "Minority"