Sunday, March 1, 2009

Two rallies & the difference is clear!

Thanks to Bangalore Police, the traffic was unaffected during the Anti Terror Rally by college students...(Thanks also to the rally guidelines laid down by the judiciary)


Srikanth said...

I read about the good work(worry, exceptional work) done by Police to avoid hardship to people.

Many thanks to all the police men who made it happen.

As with any service organization, good deeds are never highlighted, but any small mistake is blown out of proportion.

I would request you to pass on the sincere thanks of people of Bangalore to the traffic police for the great job they have done. I also request you to make sure that the message reaches the actual officers and men who really made sure that this happened on that day.
It will be a great morale booster for them.

Abhi Mukunda said...

Kudos to Bangalore Traffic Police! and to Govt leadership which allowed them to do their job properly! Good deeds should be supported and encouraged.

Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...

I agree with Srikanth here..

Sir, can we set up some mechanisms to make the "support" messages from people like us to reach the actual police men ?

svtmangalore said...

And all the Kannada TV channel showed was how some BTS drivers cribbed about the facilities.

The media ( local and National) is clearly Biased against BJP

May be BJP should start giving more importance to Media Management.

kotresh said...

Who is taking credit!
Were not the same people in charge of traffic/law and order during JDS Rally? If so then why they did not visualise problem and take appropriate measures then. Can it be said that because of the out cry of people and invtervention of Court, things were better.