Sunday, December 18, 2011

Food technology, the next big thing: V S Acharya

BANGALORE: “With ever increasing population and enhanced consumer awareness about healthy food, it is evident that food technology will grow soon in the nation,” said Minister for Higher Education Dr V S Acharya on Thursday.
Inaugurating a national conference on ‘Recent Trends in Food Science and Nutrition Research’ organised by Dr P Sadananda Maiya, he said: “With sudden transformation in the lifestyle of Indians, particularly of those in urban areas, there is a dramatic increase in the demand for processed food.”
Dr Acharya stressed the need for innovation in the field of food technology. IBN Live
“India is the 3rd largest producer of food grains and the second largest producer of fruits and vegetables,” said Dr Acharya, while adding that processing and preservation was not remarkable in the country.

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santosh s ( said...

setting up food park in cities of karnataka is very important. As population is growing it's very well required to preserve the food.

we should categorize cities (may be 3-4 for one food park) based on the production of food and setup food park.this should also help farmers in leveraging advance technologies.