Saturday, April 30, 2011

Mangalore University: Mangala Auditorium inaugurated

Mangalore April 29, 2011: Hon'ble Union Minister for Law and Justice, Dr Veerappa Moily inaugurated the "Mangala Auditorium" on Friday 29 April 2011 at Mangalagangothri, Konaje Mangalore. Hon'ble Minister for Higher Education, Karnataka and Pro Chancellor, Mangalore University, V S Acharya inaugurated the main entrance of the auditorium which has been built at the cost of Rs. 40 lakhs.

In his inaugural speech Dr. Moily said that Karnataka is the hub of Education, but Mangalore and Udupi have highest number of educational Institutions. Every Indian, Dr Moily said was talented in one or the other way and every human being is a perfect creature of the nature. Calling on the audience to encourage the talents, Dr Moily said parents, teachers and the institution have a major role in molding the future of children when they are in school. He urged the Institutions to provide a world class infrastructure to the students to support their studies and said quality education only can produce world class man power in our country. “When we have world class man power and world class infrastructure, the entire world will look up to India with respect,” said Moily adding that there was a urgent need for building the knowledge of economy and integrity in our work, and if we do so now, within 20 years India can be the superpower.

Dr Moily said that the University must take the leadership and encourage the students to pursue higher studies. He urged the faculty, administration and the parents to motivate the students by making education more interesting and maintain the excellence. University should acknowledge good colleges based on the development and quality of education in the colleges, because development of the college is the development of the University. He also said that the syllabus should be revised every year to include latest information as part of the education.

Dr. V S Acharya in his Presidential address said that Karnataka has created history in higher education. He also agreed with Dr Moily on the need for constant update in the syllabus. He said Mangalore University is only 30 year old compared to other universities in Bangalore and Mysore. Mangalore University is the youngest university and it has shown tremendous growth in higher education. He said while following the gross enrollement ratio we have to keep in mind the three things - they are Inclusive growth, retaining quality in education and quality product. In inclusive growth everyone should get opportunity for higher education. To retain quality in education, we have to teach the attitude with the help of counselors. And finally we have to see what we are producing, and the product must act as a catalyst and work for harmony. The government is spending 12,324 crores for education he said. While concluding he urged the students to inculcate the positive attitude within and become the strong pillars of the society. “You have better opportunities, better courses and better colleges to pursue your education,” he said and urged the students to utilize every opportunity which comes their way. Mangalorean

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Dr. Rajkiran Panuganti said...

Acharya ji,

Can I request you to introduce sports as a subject with marks in schools ? In our education system, subjects with marks get importance and a simple introduction of marks would enhance school's encouragement of sports ? Also, can you please ensure that schools that get recognition have minimum sports facilities ?