Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nanotech can herald revolution in diagnostics

Photos: Daya Kukkaje/ Daijiworld
MANGALORE: The real change will come when nanotechnology's potential is unleashed in the area of diagnostics and therapeutics, said higher education minister V S Acharya here.

He was speaking after inaugurating the three-day international workshop on `Applications of nanotechnology to energy, environment and biotechnology (Nano-EEB)' at St Aloysius College on Tuesday.

Recalling a lecturer's remarks during his student days that dilution and further dilution increases the potency of medicine in homoeopathy, Acharya said the developments in the last few years in microchips has shown that dilution makes a product more potent.

Dr K V Rao, scientist, the Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden, in his key note address, said that enhancement of quality of materials due to nanotechnology have thrown open vast opportunities in the development of new technologies.

A former alumnus of the college, Rao said nano is a technology wherein the properties of a material is significantly enhanced or become unique with respect to its bulk form. He said when particle size is reduced even metals become transparent enabling coating technologies to develop `multifunctional functional surfaces.'

The workshop is being attended by 200 scholars and scientists and will present 35 papers on various aspects of nanotechnology. TOI

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