Monday, November 1, 2010

Cherish Family Doc for Longevity, Good Health - Acharya

Mangalore, Oct 30: "Through practising the family doctor concept, one can enjoy longevity and healthy life", said Dr V S Acharya, minister for higher education.

He was delivering a lecture on ‘Health for all’ at the inaugural function of ‘IMA Medicon-2010, a two-day annual conference of the Karnataka State Branch of Indian Medical Association held at Dr TMA Pai International Convention Centre here on Saturday, October 30.

He inaugurated the scientific session organized on the occasion. This is the 76th annual conference organized by IMA.

Acharya further said that right from the ancient days patients have retained more level of confidence on their family doctors. Hence there is every need for refurbishing the ‘family doctor concept’. Adding to that he stressed to take care about behavioural disorders which have emerged to be one of the dangerous ailments in the modern days of busy life.

He called upon people to take care of preventive measures of any of the diseases and maintain the nutritional aspects. He pointed out that modern doctors have more challenges as the primary health centres in rural areas are yet to gain superiority at the grass root level. He called upon all the doctors to make sure that the community is happy and healthy.Daijiworld/

Mangalorean:Pointing to the trend where the top half of MBBS graduates opted for post-graduation and super-specialisation courses, he said less-qualified graduates were filling the role of the family physician. “Family physicians play a vital role in the health delivery system. We need to attract good doctors to play this role as well,” he said.Dr. Acharya said MBBS graduates should be given the option of getting trained for three years as family physicians. Such candidates should be given MD certificate at the end of such extended training. The IMA used to offer a family physicians' course and popularised the concept of MD degree for family physicians. However, medical colleges did not want to give up one PG seat allocated for general medicine to accommodate an MD course for family physicians, Dr. Acharya said

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Anonymous said...

The fualt lies in our MBBS eductaion system which trians people as Specialists and superspecialists, I feel we should relook into the MBBS course and train people as GPs. May be there should be course after MBBS as fmaily physician.