Thursday, July 15, 2010

Facts from the Past

...Sticking to its stand, the government reiterated it would not order a CBI probe as Home Minister V S Acharya accused the Opposition of being “obsessed with CBI.”"We have seen how CBI functions,” Acharya told reporters after the Legislative Council was adjourned for the day as the opposition continued its dharna, disrupting the proceedings for the third straight day.

He asked why the then Home Minister M Mallikarjuna Kharge rejected the demand of the then Opposition for a CBI probe into the multi-crore fake stamp paper racket when the Congress was in power in the state.
He also referred to other cases in the past where the then Congress government had turned down similar demands. (keralabhooshanam)


Narayan, USA said...

After Central Bureau of Investigation dropped cases against Quattrochi, Mayavati and Lalu, it has lost its credibility and has become Congress Bureau of Investigation. Lokayukta should be given power to investigate the assets of all the CMs, Ministers and legislators,IAS officers for the last 30 years. People should be allowed to give information anonymously. Honest politicians need not fear any investigation.

Narayan, USA said...

Lokayukta should update the status of all the cases. We only hear about the rides by Lokayukta and the suspension (Probably with pay ???). People do not know what happens to them afterwords?. Are they back to their position. For example there was a case 2 years ago,DSP with 46 BDA sites and 3 kg gold was caught. Another Lokayukta DSP was caught with disproportionate assets.

What is the status of these cases?. Kannadigas have a right to know.