Wednesday, February 10, 2010

“Manipal Pain Relief Centre”

Pains are something we live with and now Banagalore has a place where these obscure pains cane be treated. from knots in the back from working long hours on the computer, to nagging headaches possibly stress related, injury pains, nerve pressure pains. With this new facility that has been started under the xpertise of Dr. Suresh R Joshi, who is an Alumni of the Manipal Group and has had a over 30 year experience in pain relief. With working intensively with specialists from the USA, Uk and the Netherlands.
The Pain Relief Centre was inaugurated on February 10th by Dr. VS Acharya Home Affairs Minister of Karnataka along with Anil Kumble. Dr Acharya has been Dr. Joshi who go back to being childhood friend and on the occasion said," I am extremely happy to be here to inaugurate this centre at Manipal, one of the best well-known hospital in the state. I feel it is a great opportunity and blessing for people that the 1st Pain relief Centre has opened here. In the old days, it took a lot of time and trouble to diagnose our pain but now with the help of this new technology we will be able to find the root cause of our pain and treat it accordingly. My only wish is that we should strive to make it accessible to all society and I believe that Manipal hospital will come up with a solution for this very soon."Photo & Full report from My Bangalore

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