Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Mangalore: Home Minister Inaugurates City Police Commissionerat

Mangalore, Jan 26: The city’s police commissionerate was inaugurated in a programme held at the police ground on Tuesday January 26.

Dr V S Acharya, state home minister, inaugurated the commissionerate by unveiling the name board. Speaking on the occasion, he said that the commissionerate, which has been a need and demand of many years, was essential to maintain better law and order.

“It is a milestone in the development of the state and Mangalore has become the fourth commissionerate of the state”, he said.

Wishing all success to the police department, Dr Acharya said that this commissionerate should become the strongest and the police department has to maintain it as a model for others.

“The commissionerate, with its strength of police, will maintain law and order and tackle crime and other illegal activities easily”, he said.

Ajay Kumar Singh, director general of police, said that the inspector general of police (Western range) Gopal B Hosur will be the in-charge commissioner till further notice. Hosur welcomed all and said that 15 police stations and 2 traffic police stations will come under this commissionerate. District-in-charge minister Krishna J Palemar, Member of Parliament Nalin Kumar, Mayor Shankar Bhat, MLAs Yogish Bhat, U T Khader, Abhayachandra Jain, and Ramanath Rai, deputy commissioner V Ponnuraj, and superintendent of police Dr A Subrahmanyeswara Rao were present on the occasion. (Daijiworld)

M'lore Commissionerate - A right step (mangalorean): MANGALORE, January 27, 2009: Critics will still have their say, the new police commissionerate of Mangalore may have many flaws according to them, but have they forgotten to see the brighter side? The so called analysis they write in the columns of the popular newspapers speak about what the Commissionerate is not, but they forget to highlight what the commissionerate can be. But it is time to take a fair view of the things that the commissionerate can do to Mangalore to put an end to the illegalities that the city has endured for decades which the district police was not able to handle. Take for instance the traffic woes of the city. The city traffic police have not been able to reign in the rowdy bus operators, they flout every rule in the book, signal jumping, overspeeding, rash driving, using shrill horns in the city and in no horn zones, they have made the city roads virtually unsafe for all other road users. With the coming of the new police commissionerate all that will end. Two additional traffic divisions that will be created are expected to get more men and material to nail the bus operators into their place.Secondly, and most importantly the Commissioner will have magisterial powers, which will enable him to take action immediately in every law and order situation, there would not be a situation again where the city will have to reel under severe prohibitory orders like Curfew like it happened in October 2006. The communal goondas, underworld operators and common rowdies can be put away effectively, one can agree that the city got a bad name due to these guys. It is not that the earlier set up had any flaws under the command of the Inspector General of Police and the Superintendent of Police, but even the Home minister Dr. Acharya and the DGP-IG of Karnataka Dr. Ajay Kumar Singh agree that in the earlier set up the police force was stretched too far. Each policeman had to work more than 14-16 hours per day which made them ineffective. With the new commissionerate the city will get the City Armed Reserve (CAR) which will be reserved for exigencies like rioting, group clashes and communal situations, since men and material are readily available at the commissionerate the law and order situation could be controlled faster and effecitively it is an intensive operation that the men of the commissionerate can take up. It is not the intention of this write up to paint a rosy picture of the new commissionerate but the officials of the commissionerate will have frequent interaction with the Public. In cities like Bangalore and Mysore the commissioners are easily accessible to people, this brings the police and public closer and in such a situation the public become the informants of the police, this co-operation will pave a way for better understanding of the police system. But all that will start happening only after April 2010 when the Commissionerate will have its full complement of officers and vehicles. Presently Mr.Gopal Hosur Inspector Genreal of Police (Western Range) will hold the charge of Commissioner. He also as the additional charge of as the commandant of the Coastal Security Police. The Commissionerate will have to work with the present men who share other duties which may be a slight disadvantage for Mangalore Commissionerate.The new commissionerate will have a jurisdiction from Mulki to Thalapady and Mangalore to Kolavoor, and the present Superintendent of Police will have four taluks including Buntwal, Belthangady, Puttur and Sullia and a small portion of Moodbidri firca. Inclusion of Mulki into the Mangalore Commissionerate has been welcomed by the police also.

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